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Whipped To Perfection: The Ultimate Body Butter Guide For Beginners

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Whipped to Perfection: The Ultimate Body Butter Guide for Beginners is the only guide you need to start making the perfect body butter Every Time.

This ebook was designed to answer all of the questions every new body butter creator might have when first starting out. It's the exact guide I dreamt of when I first started making body butter. From what butter base to use, to how long to whip the mixture, and even how to scale up a body butter batch. This e-book has everything a skincare enthusiast could need to grow into a master body butter creator and beyond.

What You'll Learn

  • Body Butter Basics are a must. Learn all about the right ingredients and temperatures to use when whipping up body butter. 
  • Multiple Recipes are just what you need to create a variety of body butters you can customize even further. 
  • Essential Tools are what help you create your body butter products, find out what you must have. 
  • Learn How to make body butter that works for your Skin Type
  • Safety & Hygiene should be a top priority learn how to do it properly and easily.

But wait…there’s still more!

  • Fragrance Options abound, learn what they are and how to use them.
  • Perfecting Texture is key learn my tips and tricks. 
  • Making Adjustments can be hard but this is where to learn to do it easily. 
  • Scaling Up can take you from DIY in your kitchen to full-fledged business owner, learn how to do it simply and easily. 
  • Learn how to PACKAGE your body butter to stand out even if you are creating it for yourself. 
  • Preserving body butter is a question I get all the time. Learn if you need to or not and if so what to use. 

And So Much More!

What's Included: You'll Get a 65pg PDF version digital download instantly.

You will get a PDF (22MB) file